Nidialys & Julio

Name one iconic Havana feature. Did you say vintage cars? When asked the same question, most travelers think of this first. The beauty and comfort of these iconic vehicles are due to the efforts of a small group of garages, mechanics, and drivers who work with limited access to parts and tools.

Nidialys and her husband Julio are cuentapropistas (private entrepreneurs) who devote countless hours and resources to keeping Havana’s best-kept classic cars on the road. Lola, Benito, Romeo, Benny… each one of these beauties has a name and a great story to tell.

Their accolades and accomplishments far exceed what anyone might expect. They’ve hosted John Kerry, Madonna, Beyonce, and Bon Jovi in their cars, to name a few. They own the island’s first government-authorized private transportation company. Nidialys was even invited and visited the White House as one of the Caribbean’s most influential businesswomen.

Guests seeking hope for a brighter future in Cuba should look no further than an experience with Julio and Nidialys and a visit to their newly opened classic car repair shop.

"If I had asked my clients what they needed, they would have told me a faster horse." - Henry Ford

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