In the colonial epicenter of Cuba, Trinidad, lives and works Yudit, an exceptional painter adept at bringing intricately woven objects into her pieces. Yudit is a graduate of the University of Arts in Havana. She has won several awards from across the globe for her innovative work, mixing media and turning everyday objects into works of art. In October 2022, her newest project represented Trinidad at the Cuban Cultural Festival in Turin, Italy. But her favorite accomplishment is actually a local project she leads, where she teaches and inspires other women to create.

Visiting her gallery in Trinidad is a highlight experience for our guests. Yudit is unexpectedly open, leaving each person feeling incredibly special and somehow closer to the world of Cuban art.

We love to say that art is everywhere in Cuba. It certainly feels that way when human beings like Yudit invite us into her studio, to understand her world and why she loves her life as a Cuban artist.

¨I believe in humanity because, deep down, man is good¨ - Anne Frank

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