Art is EVERYWHERE in Havana. There are sculptures, mosaics, and murals throughout the streets of Cuba’s capital. But, as we all know, some works of art are more meaningful than others. And one artist’s passion, coupled with his humble nature, has landed him the top spot as Inbound Cuba’s most requested artist experience in Cuba.

Maisel, the muralist, is one of the kindest and most dedicated human beings we have ever met. He paints massive murals of children’s faces throughout Havana that he calls his “Colosos.” Each mural reflects innocence, hope, and the quirky emotions that only a child’s face can reveal.

Describing an experience with Maisel is difficult because his art speaks for itself, but his humanity is what sets him apart. He touches your heart without effort. His love of family and art and the children of Cuba is so full of hope. Maisel’s spirit is rare and emotionally connects each person to Cuba. He often leaves guests speechless and, at times, in tears.

Each mural Maisel paints in a neighborhood, hospital, or library becomes a welcome reminder of the power of Cuba’s children for the future. His indomitable spirit is something that defines the Cuban people. We hope you will consider adding an encounter with Maisel to your next journey to Cuba.

"Children are the hope of the world" - José Martí

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