Cuba was once the epicenter of the sugar world. Milton Hershey even went so far as to build a model town in Cuba to meet the sugar demands of his expanding empire. In doing so, he transformed a large tract of farmland about an hour outside Havana into Hershey, Cuba, a prosperous town that included a central (local term for sugar cane factory) and an electric railroad between Havana and Matanzas. However, the power of sugar’s influence over economics drastically changed in the 1990s, forcing the Cuban government to close several factories across the country, including Hershey.

These factory closures have left communities with limited income opportunities, but they remain attached to their homes. It is where they grew up, where they shared so many memories, and where they work hard to preserve their hometown. Hiram, our local storyteller, hopes that by sharing the history and people of his town with Inbound Cuba’s guests, he will be able to save it from extinction. And we are honored to be a part of his efforts to introduce visitors to this special place, full of history, friendly people, and traditions that Cuba should not lose to the passage of time.

A day with Hiram is full of stories from his mother’s archive (she was the historian of the town), a visit to the beautiful gardens of Hershey, and lunch with his family and friends. Join us in keeping Hiram’s dream alive during one of our journeys visiting Hershey.

"Home is the nicest word there is." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

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