500 Years of History – Old Havana and Her People

Havana, or La Habana as locals call it, marked its 500th anniversary in 2019. Throughout the centuries, Spanish conquistadors, British lords, pirates, American gangsters, and local dictators have all claimed this strategically located city as their own.

The most immersive way to appreciate Havana’s history and grasp the forces that have influenced and shaped the city for hundreds of years is to take a guided walking tour of the old town, venture down its narrow side streets and take the time to enjoy its four main plazas: Plaza Vieja, Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, Plaza de Armas, and Plaza De La Catedral. All the while encountering the people who make the Cuba of today so very special.

Inbound Cuba’s guides are experts at bringing the story of La Habana Vieja‘s plazas to life. Some tales of the city are romantic, some painful, and some funny, but every chapter has lent itself to curating the history of this unforgettable old town.

Each journey our team designs for first-time visitors includes a walking or bici-taxi tour of Old Havana. You must visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of La Habana Vieja with an expert to understand Cuba’s place in history.

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