Cooking With Authentic Cuban Ingredients

Inevitably, without fail, we all must eat. And knowing a little bit about where our food comes from makes that simple act feel like a deeper, more profound experience.

As lovers of Cuban cuisine, our opinion on taking a cooking class while visiting the island is simple. Just do it! Cuban dishes have been exported and “fused” to the point that many people think Cuban food is spicy, which, for a local, is impossible. They rarely cook with black pepper, let alone spicy peppers. Meanwhile, other traditional recipes are safely guarded and make for unbelievably flavorful dishes which you will have fun trying to replicate at home.

During a chef-led cooking experience, you learn how citrus, garlic, oregano, spices like cumin, and a touch of paprika create the flavor profile that defines the local sazón. It is subtle, earthy, and exceptionally delicious in seafood, chicken, lamb, and pork dishes.

A cooking class with Inbound Cuba will reset your understanding of Cuban cuisine. You will appreciate that its roots are fresh, and local products are supplemented by the universally-available rice and beans.

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