The Colossal Murals of a Cuban Artist

Maisel López, who graduated from art school in 2007, has a remarkable talent for painting extremely lifelike portraits of any size. His altruism, his admiration for Cuba’s National Hero José Martí, and his love for children, inspired Maisel to create a body of work he calls his “Colosos,” which consists of gigantic murals of Cuban boys and girls spread across the walls of Havana for everyone to enjoy.

At over 27 murals currently, the Colosos collection keeps growing and adorning the walls of structures in Playa (his neighborhood) and other districts, the Havana Aquarium, and children’s hospitals. Maisel’s art shows how hopeful he is about the future by showing the often cheeky expressions of the children he paints.

During this experience, guests are afforded a glimpse into this great man’s life as an artist and get to see his works, which are nothing short of incredible. Maisel does have a request for people who are visiting him. Please, donate black and white acrylic paints, which are difficult to find in Cuba and essential for him to continue doing what he loves most.

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